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550 -767 / 550-867 exchange service for calibrated thread tension monitors

With the Dürkopp Adler machine class 550-767 or 550-867 you have acquired a product to accomplish safety-relevant seams for driver or passenger airbag seams.
The conception of the machine is based on process reliability as well as on the monitoring of the predetermined sewing parameters and sewing processes including their documentation.
In order to ensure the process reliability during the sewing procedure, calibrated thread
tension monitors are used.
Calibration interval for thread tension monitors = 1 year
At a possible yearly ISO/TS 16949 audit of your company by an authorized certifier of the automobile industry those certificates will be checked.
Replacement service
In order to avoid production losses, please ask early enough (3-4 weeks before the certificate expires) for the replacement of your thread tension component per fax or email.
Please use the order form below and send it to your responsible dealer!
It is important to specify the firmware version of your SAB software and thread tension monitor.
Instructions how get the information you will find below.
We then will promptly send you a calibrated thread tension monitor with valid certificate.
In order to exchange the components, proceed as indicated in the adjoined manual.
Please send the used monitors back to us as soon as possible.
Contact your local sales partner or Dürkopp Adler directly:
Dürkopp Adler Electronic Service Team
Phone: +49 521 925 2540
Fax:     +49 521 925 2589

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