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First-class seam quality, maximum efficiency and extraordinary flexibility


The new programmable automatic lockstitch buttonholer cl. 540-500-01 is characterized above all by first-class seam quality. Whether shirts, blouses, dresses or polo shirts – programmable fine adjustments of the buttonhole allow an optimal adaptation to the most different materials. Moreover, the integrated electrical thread tension guarantees an excellent stitch pattern and a reproducible sewing result, even when processing difficult fabrics.

Flexible cutting without limits
The cutting system driven independently from the sewing drive ensures maximum flexibility as regards buttonhole cutting. Cutting length and cutting length up to the bartack are freely programmable with cl. 540-500-01 Thus, you are able to react immediately to the special design requirements of your customers.
One knife for all cuts  
The innovative knife drive allows the use of one standard knife for all kinds of buttonholes. Keeping available a great variety of spare parts and exchanging the knife in case of design changes is no longer necessary.
Maximum efficiency by optiional large hook
The use of the newly developed large hook increases the output of cl. 540-500-01 by 36% per bobbin. Thus, downtimes of the machine caused by bobbin changes are reduced to a minimum. 

·         6,500 buttonholes in 480 min

·         50 buttonholes and 2 freely programmable buttonholes can be memorized

·         20 sequences with up to 9 buttonholes per sequence

·         Freely programmable cutting lengths from 5 to 70 mm
·         Optimized cutting system for cutting open the buttonhole irrespective of the fabric thickness

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