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Lockstitch bar-tacker for light to medium material


  • Lockstitch bar-tacker for light to medium material
  • Reduced cycle time by step-motor controlled clamp lift
  • Oil free machine head with fresh oil for the hook
  • Secured sewing start by needle thread clamp below the needle plate
  • Neat seam beginning by thread wiper
  • 50 pre-programmed standard bar-tack shapes
  • Memory capacity for 50 standard patterns which have been modified in length and/ or width 
  • 10 user defined bar-tack patterns can be stored
  • Favorite button for up to 25 seam patterns or sequences with up to 30 seam patterns
  • No compressed air needed
Typical field of application:
  • Bar-tacking operations in outerwear
Technical data:
  • Sewing field 40x30mm
  • Sewing speed max. 3.200 stitches/ Min
  • Clearance when lifting 17mm
  • Piece counter
  • Bobbin capacity counter
  • Memory capacity max. 16.000 stitches

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