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Reduce machine set-up costs:

• Reduce your machine setup costs for all CNC sewing machines of the DA GROUP by at least 20 percent through simple porting

• Software for tablet, notebooks and desktop PC, specially developed by Dürkopp Adler, offers the user the opportunity to create or edit new seam programs for the CNC sewing units DA-512, DA-911, KSL-110, KSL-311, KSL-371, and PF-3590

Create and change complex designs in the short term:

• Create complex geometries in the shortest possible time and benefit from the optimal support with short-term design changes through our professional CAD system

• Create or to load contours in the form of DXF files or to edit existing seam programs afterwards. Based on a fully proven CAD system, the most important functions are available in a toolbox, enabling a clear screen display as well as an intuitive menu navigation through quick-aids.

Increase the quality of your individual material holders:

• Constantly increase the quality of your individual material holders through the highly efficient self-production, through output and precise transfer of NC data (GCODE)

• Simulation of the generated seam, define security areas in the sewing field, creating and editing information as text or dimensioning, intelligent stitch calculation for ornamental seam programs, e.g. Crossing seams and parallel seams


Mar 20, 2019

A new era begins


Feb 25, 2019

In focus: Dr.-Ing. Benedikt Echterhoff, Head of Spare Parts at Dürkopp Adler


Dec 4, 2018

QONDAC on the ADDITC Textile Conference in Aachen


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